Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties

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Birthday Party Package includes:

For $8.50 per person

• 2 hour party (1 1/2 hours of bowling)
• Rental shoes, bowling balls and bumpers for 8 years and under
• Slice of pizza or hotdog, and one small drink

For $12.50 per person

• Same as above, PLUS
• Ice Cream, Chips, Pretzels
• A bowling pin for the birthday child

**Please Note: The only food allowed to be brought in is birthday cake.**

at South Branch Potomac Lanes

  1. It is important for your party to start on time. To help ensure this, scheduling arrival time for your guests 15 minutes earlier than your party’s time is suggested. If your guests are late and the next party is ready to start, that party will be taken first.
  2. Please give Potomac Lanes at least 2 days advance notice if the number of guests changes.
  3. Normally your group will eat first, then bowl for 1 1/2 hours. The total party lasts 2 hours.
  4. Having all children’s shoe sizes ready prior to checking in at the control counter will allow the process to go more smoothly and quickly.
  5. Be sure to tell your guests to wear socks.
  6. Other than cake and/or ice cream please don't bring any food or drinks from outside into Potomac Lanes


  1. Have only one child up to bowl at a time. All other children waiting their turn should remain seated off the approach until each bowler has completed his/her turn.
  2. Cheers and encouragement are welcome from those waiting to bowl.
  3. Do not allow the children to walk beyond the foul line at the beginning of the lane or to place their hands in the ball return. These actions can cause injuries. If a ball does not go all the way to the pins, notify the Control Counter and Potomac Lanes Staff will retrieve it. NO ONE ELSE SHOULD TRY TO DO SO.
  4. No food or drinks are permitted on the approach or at bowlers' tables (nothing beyond the carpet area).
  5. Please notify our personnel if any drinks spill or other accidents occur.
  6. When your party is over, please return balls to the ball rack and shoes to the Control Counter.
  7. Adults should not bowl on the same lane(s) with the children. Adults must bowl on a separate lane.
  8. Information sheet must be completed to receive a free game (for birthday child) or free shoes (for other paid attendees) to be used during next visit.
  9. Cosmic bowling is not included in regular Birthday Parties.

Credit cards are not accepted.
Personal checks are only accepted with driver’s license.
No starter checks accepted.


Our staff is here to help you have an enjoyable Birthday Party!

Thank you for your patronage!